Clean Power

Climate change is a real and growing threat to our lives, our environment, and our economy, but thankfully we’re making progress towards a cleaner future under the EPA’s new Clean Power Plan—the nation’s first-ever limits on carbon pollution from power plants.

Independence USA PAC is committed to supporting these essential environmental protections. We know that transitioning to clean energy will save consumers money, protect public health and combat climate change. However, some elected officials are playing political games and catering to corporate special interests, rather than protecting the health of the people they represent.

That’s why we’ve launched an ad campaign targeting the Attorneys General of Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida and Missouri, who have joined a federal lawsuit to block the Clean Power Plan. Big polluters must be held accountable—not protected by politicians—for the negative impacts of carbon pollution on the health and well-being of Americans.

Independence USA PAC will not let these politically motivated attacks against the EPA stop the incredible progress that many states and communities are already making to reduce carbon pollution and increase clean energy use. Our campaign hopes to expose the Attorney General’s lawsuit for what it is—an ill-conceived attack on safeguards meant to ensure a clean, healthy and safe future for Americans all across the country.