Independence USA PAC Endorses Bipartisan Slate of Democrats and Republicans in Pennsylvania

Pat Toomey, Josh Shapiro and Joe Torsella win support for bold leadership that rises above party politics from group founded by former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg

Monday, August 1, 2016 | Independence USA PAC today announced endorsements in three statewide races in Pennsylvania: Republican Pat Toomey, who is running for reelection to the U.S. Senate; Democrat Josh Shapiro, who is running for Pennsylvania Attorney General; and Joe Torsella, candidate for Pennsylvania State Treasurer. Independence USA PAC was created by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to support candidates of both parties who are putting real results above partisanship and leading from the center. In an era of increasing polarization, no other PAC in the nation will spend as much to support candidates from both parties this election cycle. These Pennsylvania endorsements are the first of many to come from Independence USA in 2016.

“As I said when I appealed to Republicans and Independents from the stage of the Democratic National Convention in Pennsylvania last week, I look at the candidate, not the party label because we can only solve our biggest problems if we come together across party lines. Chances are that no candidate is ever going to be perfect for you on every issue, but when brave people buck party orthodoxy and demonstrate bold, pragmatic leadership, they deserve support from all of us,” said former New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, the leading political independent in the United States.

“In the wake of Newtown, Pat Toomey crossed party lines to lead the fight to reduce gun violence in America by co-sponsoring legislation to close the background check loophole,” Bloomberg said. “His pragmatic leadership in Washington deserves the support of every Pennsylvanian.”

“In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania can count on Josh Shapiro and Joe Torsella to demonstrate bipartisan leadership and achieve real results in the areas of public safety and fiscal accountability,” Bloomberg said. “I hope Pennsylvania voters of both parties can support all three — Toomey, Shapiro and Torsella — this November.”

Pat Toomey

Independence USA highlighted United States Senator Pat Toomey’s work with West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin to try and broker a compromise that would close the gun-show loophole and keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally infirm – a policy supported by the overwhelming majority of gun owners in the United States – as a major reason for supporting him.

Josh Shapiro

Independence USA highlighted Josh Shapiro’s comprehensive gun violence proposals and his record of working across the aisle as major reasons for its support. Shapiro’s gun violence plan includes model gun show procedures, combatting prohibited purchasers who fail background checks and straw purchasers, simplifying purchase forms, and advocating for a statewide lost or stolen gun reporting requirement. Shapiro also earned a reputation as a bipartisan consensus builder while serving as a State Representative in Harrisburg.

Joe Torsella

Independence USA highlighted Joe Torsella’s record achieving meaningful fiscal and budget reform. When Torsella served as US Ambassador to the UN for Management and Reform, he led the fight for transparency and accountability at the UN. As Deputy Mayor of Philadelphia, his policies resolved a $1.25 billion deficit and helped steer Philadelphia to a nationally-acclaimed fiscal turnaround. And his leadership role at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia focused attention on our nation’s founding document.