Memo from Howard Wolfson on Results from the 2014 Elections

To: Interested Parties

From: Howard Wolfson, Advisor, Mike Bloomberg

Date: Nov 5, 2014

Earlier this cycle, Mike Bloomberg concluded that a broken Washington would likely remain broken regardless of last night’s outcome, and decided to direct significant resources to assist moderate Republicans and Democrats at the state and local levels instead. This strategy paid off yesterday, as Bloomberg’s PAC helped propel gubernatorial candidates of both parties and important referendum to victories. No other individual spent as much money in support of both Republican and Democratic candidates, and no one had as much success at the state level in backing successful candidates from both parties.

Bloomberg spent more than $20 million in support of the following winning gubernatorial candidates and referendum:

  • Charlie Baker, Republican of Massachusetts
  • John Hickenlooper, Democrat of Colorado
  • Dan Malloy, Democrat of Connecticut
  • Gina Raimondo, Democrat of Rhode Island
  • Rick Snyder, Republican of Michigan

These candidates share an eagerness to tackle tough problems in a bipartisan way. They take common sense, businesslike approaches to government and are focused more on results than rhetoric. They are education reformers who are willing to stand up to special interests for kids and ensure accountability in our schools. They challenge party orthodoxy on issues like pensions and immigration. And in the case of Hickenlooper and Malloy, they acted after the Newtown shooting to pass commonsense gun safety measures – and showed that they could be re-elected despite attacks from the gun lobby.

  • Washington State Background Check Ballot Measure
  • Berkeley Soda Tax Ballot Measure

Both measures make it clear that if politicians are unable or unwilling to act to improve public health and safety, the public will. The Berkeley initiative is the first of its kind in the nation and will serve as a catalyst to other communities across the country to pass their own soda taxes. The Washington gun measure will help reduce violence in Washington State and is a model for other states to follow.

Mike Bloomberg was the biggest bipartisan donor in the nation and his assistance made a clear difference in helping to elect moderate candidates from both parties at the state level.

Bloomberg also supported successful candidates at the Federal level who have shown a willingness to work across party lines, in some instances engendering tough primaries as a result.

They included:

  • Bob Dold, Republican of Illinois
  • Thad Cochran, Republican of Mississippi
  • Susan Collins, Republican of Maine
  • Al Franken, Democrat of Minnesota
  • Lindsay Graham, Republican of South Carolina
  • Ed Markey, Democrat of Massachusetts

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